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Our Aspiration

Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines

Damdaming Katoliko sa Teolohiya

          This is the fulfillment of an aspiration. The idea of a symposium organized by graduates of the Theology faculty of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) has been a favorite topic in many a get-together and reunion among us. That it has been an aspiration, a hope, and a dream for some time is a testament not so much to the lack of political will but more to the kind of administrative responsibilities with which many of us have been entrusted almost as soon as we left the hall of the academe of our beloved KUL. In June 2001, typically over a mug of Loburg in De Tafel Rond, some of us came together to exchange notes on our aspirations for two things: an association of Catholic theologians in the Philippines, and a symposium on an important theological topic today. Finally, after several more meetings, we were able to bring to fulfillment that long-held dream and aspiration.

by Manny Ginete, CM


          But some may ask, why still form an association of theologians? Is it not sufficient that we each concentrate on the duties and teaching responsibilities in our respective seminaries, schools of theology, institutes of formation, and even universities? What greater good is achieved in forming an association initially of KUL theologians? These are among the questions that the organizing committee of this symposium had to address. We think that an association of catholic theologians, when they speak in one voice, would be a formidable force in shaping theological reflection in this part of the world, in drawing attention to the real questions that face the Church and our faith, and in evaluating the answers being offered, particularly on theological topics that cry for enlightenment and critical analysis. 

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