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An Exploration of the Transformative Spirituality among the Development

Workers in the Philippines

by Rico Palaca Ponce

Firstly, I would like to admit that discerning the spirituality of development workers is a huge and an ambitious task. How can one capture the spirituality of a person or a group of persons? Is spirituality something... READ MORE

Being Enriched by our Indigenous Wellspring

by Karl M. Gaspar CSsR

In his seminal book Robin Hanbury-Tenison summarized the history of the Embera Choco Indians who live in forests that traverse between Panama and Colombia in Latin America): ...READ MORE

Growing “to the Measure of the Full Stature of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13): The Laity in the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines

by Ruben Mendoza

The Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II) was intended to be a new Pentecost for the Philippine Church.2 Its participants spoke in a manner in which every Filipino Catholic “heard” them in their
own “native language” (cf. Acts 2:6), particularly their emphasis on the Church of the Poor. Just like the “devout Jews from every nation under heaven living in Jerusalem” (Acts 2:8) who heard the preaching...


The Interface of Social Ethics and Human Rights in the Philippines Today

by Karl M. Gaspar, C.Ss.R.

In my youth, growing up in the town of Digos – now Digos City, which is roughly 60 kilometers south of Davao City – I heard a song the lyrics of which I still remember by heart in my advanced age. The song’s refrain had these words: “Up, up with people / You meet 'em wherever you go / Up, up with people / They're the best kind of folks to know / If more people were for people... READ MORE

The Framing of Identities and Social Justice: The Bangsamoro Conflict in Southern Philippines

by Ruben Mendoza

Moro nationalists, bannered by the two rebel fronts in southern Philippines, the Moro National Liberation Front and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, claim that the Bangsamoro Rebellion has been the longest nationalist struggle in the world.2 For them, it was a resistance that initially started against the conquistadores of then Las Islas Filipinas... READ MORE

Impingements in Capitalist Economy

Decoding an Obscure Factor in Ethical Analysis

by Ferdinand D. Dagmang

A capitalist economy is built on the core principles of private property/self-interest, capital/profit- making and labour, and liberal democracy. Such principles, with their corresponding axioms, have established standard economic practices; fields for management, production, and consumption and; durable institutions. Those capitalist practices, fields, and institutions have impinged ... READ MORE


And His Garment is Covered with Dust

Directions in Bishop Labayen’s Theology of Praxis

by Daniel Franklin Pilario, C.M.

I would like to thank the organizers for inviting me to be one of the speakers of this Conference. I am deeply honored to be given the chance to reflect on the theology of Bishop Labayen — the man behind social action, BECs and the Church of the Poor in the Philippines long before PCP II has canonized these theological terms ... READ MORE

From Vatican II to PCP II to BEC Too:
Progressive Localization of a New State of Mind to a New State of Affairs

by Ferdinand D. Dagmang and Ms. Rica D. Ancheta

The Second Vatican Council produced 16 documents, two of which (Gaudium et spes and Apostolicam actuositatem) could be considered as the immediate great grandparents/precursors of offspring-documents born... READ MORE

A Church in Dialogue with Peoples of Other Faiths: A Journey to the Kingdom in the Spirit

by Ruben Mendoza

In contemporary theological discourse on the Christian theology of religions, different theologians have appealed to the concept of the Trinity in interpreting and understanding other religions. However, they differ in the way they see the Christological and ecclesiological implications... READ MORE

Walking Humbly with the Moros Towards the Kingdom: A Reflection on the Catholic Church’s Mission in Muslim Mindanao

by Ruben C. Mendoza

In this reflection, I address the question of the Catholic Church’s mission in Muslim Mindanao as it responds to the long-standing aspiration of the Moros for self-determination. First, I give an overview of the dialogue between Filipino Christians and Moros, contextualizing this within Philippine history, the changes brought about by Vatican II, and the contemporary challenge .. READ MORE


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