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Damdaming Katoliko sa Teolohiya

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The Church in Bangsamoro: Engaging in Dialogue in a Time of Conflict

by Ruben Mendoza

Among the efforts of Catholic Relief Services to attend to the ongoing conflict in Mindanao is the holding of Peace Camps. Consider the following account regarding one of... READ MORE

Regnocentrism in the Theology of Religious in the FABC and Paul Knitter

Discerning Convergences and Divergences

by Ruben Mendoza

In his book Introducing Theologies of Religious, Paul F. Knitter maps out the terrain of contemporary theologies of religions by means of four models: i) the replacement model, ii) the fulfillment model, iii) the mutuality model... READ MORE

Reasonable Solutions of the Social Order: Causes of Suffering for the Poor

by Ferdinand D. Dagmang

Suffering is a shadow and twin of every will to produce and possess, of every will to power, every will to knowledge, and every will to truth. It is also a product of every will to survive. It is the shadow of the one who no longer notices the by-products of... READ MORE


The Catholic Social Teachings and the University

by Ferdinand D. Dagmang

The various approaches and perspectives offered by the academic disciplines open up views that expand understanding; even as the most personal insights of academicians have given focus and shape to their research, publications, and lectures. The university provides a setting for both this expansion and focus ... READ MORE


"Ray of truth that enlightens all"

Nostra Aetate and its Reception by the FABC

by Ruben C. Mendoza

The Second Vatican Council (Vatican II) provided the impetus and inspiration for the different local churches to be more and more responsible for their own ecclesial lives in their respective cultural and historical contexts. As Karl Rahner rightly points out, Vatican II marks the first time the Roman Catholic has...


Structure and Structural Sin

by Ferdinand D. Dagmang

Sociology and social philosophy's intense analysis of the socio-cultural basis and manifestations social ills appeared soon after the rise of capitalism during the Eeropean industrial revolution. The figure of Marx

(1818-1883) and the Frankfurt school... READ MORE


The Sociological Sciences and Sexual Ethics

by Ferdinand D. Dagmang

Ethicists have numerous reasons for employing historical/social scientific disciplines: as sources of empirical data or field notes; as providers of ways of organizing cluttered data; as bridges to history, culture or territories of unfamiliar peoples; as correctives to outdated information; as partners in a search for a better explanation of ... READ MORE

Instant Gratification and Liberation

by Ferdinand D. Dagmang, Ph.D.

The earliest body of liberation theology/literature had the propensity to belabor the point of oppression of the Latin American poor. The mediation of the social sciences for theological analysis was taken for granted. Even in the ensuing years, as later generation of liberationists struggled to provide a more theoretical foundation for liberation theology, the socio-political agenda still determined the direction ... READ MORE


Babaylanism Reconsidered

by Ferdinand D. Dagmang

Eight years ago, I ventured into the study of Filipino folk religiosity to fulfill the requirements of my M.A in Theological Studies at Maryhill School of Theology (MST). I prepared myself to undergo further honing in theological analysis and to acquire a basic knowledge of anthropological field research—something needed to get a picture... READ MORE


by Rev. P. Daniel Franklin E. Pilario, CM

I thank you for inviting me from the far islands in the Philippines in order to respond to the paper of Bishop David Martínez de Aguirre Guinea. I do not know anything of the Amazons. But reading about it, we have one common experience: we were both colonized and evangelized by Spain. Maybe there is something ...


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