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Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines

Damdaming Katoliko sa Teolohiya

Recent Books by DaKaTeo Members

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A Filipino theologian, shows the theological richness of the prayer in the context of the Filipino culture… From the identification of God as “kagandahang loob” , a surprising consistency runs through the whole prayer as it presents not only God’s identification of Himself to the Filipino believer but the Filipino’s treasured relationship with God, too… This treatise takes and explores the theology underlying the Ama Namin. However, in the process, Joe is able to unfold and manifest the meaningfulness of the Filipino culture and language. He also shows the distinctness of the Filipino persona as he/she calls in God. By this scholarly work he invites and challenges me to discover more my Filipino heritage of faith in God.

We Dare to Say

by Jose de Mesa

Based on the Duffy lectures she delivered at Boston College in 2017, Agnes M. Brazal explores many diverse facets of theology and ethics in the Philippines, including cyberethics and populism, traditional Bai theology, and the struggles of indigenous peoples. This rich work will be of interest not only to Filipino theologians but also to all those interested in doing vernacular, liberation, and postcolonial theologies.

A Theology of Southeast Asia

by Agnes Brazal

Theology and Power.jpg

Theology and Power brings together international Catholic scholars for a renewed, practical, and theoretical exploration of power and its (ab)uses. Special attention is given to both the sexual abuse crisis, and religion and politics.

Theology and Power

by Stephen Bullivant, Eric Genilo,

Daniel Pilario and Agnes Brazal

Adequate but not Enough.jpg
Adequate but not Enough

by Jose de Mesa

Theology is a discipline that deals with distinct attitudes, practices and humanizing beliefs of Christians in relation to experience and culture. This theological endeavor here is bi-lingual and aimed at showing the potential of the Filipino language to explain concepts and ideas normally expressed in English. In this work, we strive to explain within a local thought pattern the mystery or the doctrine of the Blessed Trinity.

At the Heart of Jesus.jpg
At the Heart of Jesus

by Rebecca Cacho

As an archetype of Christian prayers, the Lord’s Prayer may also reveal the kind of God Jesus believed in. Could it be possible that this God is not the same God we have been our allegiance to? Christians believe that the Christ-event has decisively and definitively rendered the coming of God’s kingdom via historical phenomenon which is irreversible and salvific. In this book, we shall focus on Jesus and the kingdom of God as expressed in the text of 1593 version of the Our Father (Filipino, Ama Namin). While colonization may have been the means by which the Christian Faith was introduced to Filipinos, could there be traces of sensitivity to and respect for the culture of the natives implied in the translation done by the missionaries?

A Legacy Bequeathed.jpg
A Legacy Bequeathed

by Rebecca Cacho

Living in specific time and culture, people are constantly challenged to remain faithful to their tradition, preserve their identity and respect distinct ways of living as communities. With the onset of globalization where borderless existence may threaten the heritage of every race or nation, we are confronted with the question of what to believe in. Contemporary Christians are often confused because of varying principles, values, and worldviews, thereby accelerating their vulnerability to disregard time-tested experiences in place of the more recent or trendy beliefs of the time. A Legacy Bequeathed presents a fresh look at the Judeo-Christian Tradition in mutual dialogue with the present human experiences of God interpreted within the current cultural context of the Church. This book guides the believers in re-rooting the Christian Faith towards a more meaningful, relevant and challenging journey with God who is love!

Handbook for a Participatory Church in the World

edited by Estela Padilla

How does a parish move from being priest-centered to being a participatory church? What does it take for neighborhood and other faith communities to  engage their faith life with the wider socio-political concerns of the world? How do traditional structures welcome change and renewal? In this handbook, theological reflections and pastoral tools and approaches are shared by the Bukal ng Tipan team based on their work experience journeying with different dioceses in the Philippines, as well as in Asia and Europe.

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